Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 v2.5 Portable Download

Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 is the most Simple & user-Friendly activator for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 It is Safe activator with no harm to System Files

windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 serial activator
Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 v2.5 Portable | 16 Mb

Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 v2.5

Period of activation is 180 days and you can renew it
You can remove any previous activations
You can know informations about your activation,
your windows serial and the rest days of activation

It Activates :
Windows 8.1 Professional
Windows 8.1 Professional Wmc
Windows 8.1 Professional_N
Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Windows 8.1 Enterprise_N
Windows 8.1 ProfessionalPreview
Windows 8.1 Preview
Windows 8.1 CoreARM
Windows 8.1 Core
Windows 8.1 CoreN
Windows 8.1 CoreSingleLanguage
Windows 8.1 CoreCountrySpecific
Windows 8.1 EmbeddedIndustry
Windows 8.1 EmbeddedIndustryE
Windows 8.1 EmbeddedIndustryA

Windows 8 Professional
Windows 8 Professional N
Windows 8 Enterprise
Windows 8 Enterprise N
Windows 8 ProfessionalPreview
Windows 8 PreRelease
Windows 8 ProfessionalWMC
Windows 8 CoreARM
Windows 8 Core
Windows 8 CoreN
Windows 8 CoreSingleLanguage
Windows 8 CoreCountrySpecific
Windows 8 EmbeddedProfessional
Windows 8 EmbeddedEnterprise

Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Professional N
Windows 7 Professional E
Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows 7 Enterprise N
Windows 7 Enterprise E

Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Business N
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Vista Enterprise N

Windows12Server Standard
Windows12Server Datacenter
Windows12Server Standard Core
Windows12Server Datacenter Core
Windows12Server Core
Windows12Server CoreN
Windows12Server Multi Point Standard
Windows12Server Multi Point Premium

Windows12R2Server Standard
Windows12R2Server Datacenter
Windows12R2Server Standard Core
Windows12R2Server Datacenter Core
Windows12R2Server Cloud Storage Core
Windows12R2Server Cloud Storage
Windows12R2Server Solution Core
Windows12R2Server Solution

Windows08Server Standard
Windows08Server Enterprise
Windows08Server Data Center
Windows08Server HPC

Windows08R2Server Standard
Windows08R2Server Enterprise
Windows08R2Server Data Center
Windows08R2Server HPC
Windows08R2Server Web

Net Framework 2.0
Internet Connection (To Update KMS online server for work)

-Install the Application first.
-After Install.
-Run The Application As Administrator to Get it to Work.
-Click on Clean Activation History.
-Click on Update Server to Update KMS Server.
-Select Your Windows.
-Click on "ctivation Now.
-Done, Enjoy.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

Download Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 v2.5 Portable

Information Description
Title Windows KMS Activator
Version Ultimate 2015 v2.5
Operation System Win XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8
Release Portable
Size 16 MB
Links [Uploaded]
Download [ Portable Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 v2.5]
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