Duplicate File Detective uses state-of-the-art file content analysis technology to show you exactly where the duplicate files are. You can scan multiple file systems - folders, drivers, removable storage devices, even network shares - all in a single pass. Then use the powerful Duplicate Result Manager to move, zip, or delete duplicate files safely, all with assistance from our innovative SmartMark duplicate file selection system.

Duplicate file management is about more than just freeing up disk space - its about reducing the expense of time-consuming backup operations, bringing clarity to document storage areas, speeding up file searches and indexing processes, and reducing clutter.

Our fast, network-enabled duplicate file management software saves you time and money, often paying for itself the very first time you use it. Dont spend hours hunting down space-wasting duplicate documents, images, and multimedia files - use Duplicate File Detective, and re-gain control now.

Main features:
Intuitive and attractive user interface
Comprehensive search filtering system
Powerful multi-threaded duplicate file identification engine
Multiple paths can be searched in a single pass
Network enabled - scans both local and network file systems
Reports can be exported in HTML, CSV, and XML formats
XML report exports can be re-imported at a later time
Project-based - load and save entire projects with ease
Integrated command line support for batching, scheduling
SmartMark technology helps you to identify duplicates for processing
Duplicate file management - safer moving, zipping, & deleting
Integrated image preview panel for quick visual comparisons
Printing and print preview
Integrated duplicate file scan summary report
A file checksum calculator tool
Integrated file types panel shows duplicates by file type
Post-scan results filtering capability
Highly customizable features and user interface

Change log:
Feature: Added the ability to change the duplicate search report font size (normal, large, and very large sizes available).
Feature: Added the ability to export/import protected file types to/from file.
Feature: The duplicate file search progress window now operates modally, preventing changes to the underlying project definition while a search is in progress.
Feature: Duplicate search result detail report now always shows sort triangle (even when column width is smaller than header text).
Feature: Added two new letters to details list attribute columns ("I" = "Not indexed" and "P" = "Sparse file").
Feature: Improved visibility of ribbon bar expand/collapse functionality by adding a right-aligned toggle button.
Feature: Added smooth scrolling support to duplicate file detail report view.
Feature: Detail report view selection colors are now maintained even when the control window does not have active focus.
Feature: Detail report view now shows a dotted border around the current focused row to differentiate it from other selected rows.
Feature: F1 key now used by main window as shortcut to access help file.
Feature: When users elect to remove files during duplicate zipping, the actual file removal is now deferred until after the zip file is finalized / closed.
Feature: When Duplicate File Detective encounters a file system security identifier that is not mapped to an account name, it will now convert the SID to a string (e.g. it will present something like "S-1-5-21-9259032911-4949815421-2563717148-1001 " rather than displaying "unknown"). Note that "unknown" will still be presented if the security descriptor itself is inacessible.
Bug fix: Resolved rare crash that could occur if system settings (such as theme, etc.) were changed during an auto-prune operation.
Bug fix: The link to review logged events in the duplicate search pop-up notification window was broken.
Bug fix: Resolved minor file types detail toolbar icon transparency flaw.
Bug fix: File properties docking panel tooltips are now themed correctly.
Bug fix: Now catching unhandled exception that could occur while flushing duplicate search log file.
Bug fix: Now catching unhandled exception that could ohccur when finalizing zip archives.
Bug fix: Duplicate file processing progress dialog would show file names after they were processed, rather than before / during (cosmetic bug).

Duplicate File Detective 4.1.50 Portable | 14.5 Mb

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