The safest and most convenient Secure Folder supports Folder lock, Folder Encrypt and Folder Hide functions. No worry about leaking own personal data to others, no worry about third party spam ware upload or steal your important files, because they cannot even find your file or only can see rubbish data. It’s a safe home for your personal photos, diaries, home plans, company reports etc.

Convert your folder into Secure Folder, give you the functions of access control, hide, encryption on the fly.A sub-function of this software is hidding your folders and files by easy draggin,another sub-function is allow you encrypt/decrypt your folders or files in batch.By the way , all these functions have been intergrated into windows shell menu. In addition, this application will even function in Windows safe-mode.

• Fast file encryption software
• 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption
• Encrypt folders and files of any type
• No limitation of Folders
• No any change to user experence


• Easy drag & drop file locking
• Lock folders
• Hide folders and files
• Context Menu in Explorer supported
• Can protect files under Safe Mode

• Shreds original files when encrypted
• Leaves no traces on your PC
• Prevents recovery of private data
• Enable/disable shredding feature

• Choice of locking or encryption
• Protected files are hidden as well

• No evidence of BitSec Secure Folder installed
• Remove all traces and shortcuts
• Program supports x86 and 64-bit based OS
What is the BitSec Secure Folder?
BitSec Secure Folder provides Folder Lock,Hide and File Encryption by using virtual file technology, the most leading technology in Windows system, which effectively protects your file data from others. There is no way for others to see, access or get the original content of the file.

It closely integrated with Windows OS, providing better performance, and easy to use.

Support Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Win7, 2008 server 32 & 64 bit system.

The BitSec Secure Folder contains three sub-functions:
Secure Folders(Lock Folders, Hide Folders and Encrypt/Decrypt Folders on-the-fly), File (Folder) hiding, and Batch File Encryption, that makes full protection of user files. The files can be easily operated with integrated Windows Shell menu.
The BitSec Secure has self protection ability, it guarantees the complete and reliable protection of user data.
BitSec Secure is using 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, which resist all decryption from others. User can configure the Secure Folder to encrypt all files or files with specific file types in the Secure Folder. The Secure Folder can be hidded to be safer and locked to be prevent from other's access(including other pepoles and softwares).

Features and Benefits
Using Virtual File System makes the encryption system integrating with the windows system closely. safe, stable and high performance.
No more disk space allocated when turning folders to BitSec Secure Folderes.
The system would automatically encrypt new files in the BitSec Secure Folder without any user interaction.
Using international standard AES128 algorithm, makes your data more secure.
Stand out user interface, icon design and Secure Folderes's alias , user would know at once what is inside.
User can create as many BitSec Secure Folderes as they wish.

Integrated with Windows Shell, user can easily turn a folder to a BitSec Secure Folder by right-clicking on the folder.

BitSec Secure Folder can be easily configured to provide complete protection: lock Folders, hide Folders, and encrypt folders.

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